Timeline of Milestones

Doctoral students:

You must complete at least 96 hours of 400- or 500-level courses (64 hours beyond the M.S. requirements) with grades no lower than B or S.

You must also complete at least two semesters of favorably evaluated teaching before receiving your degree.

Best practices for first committee meeting:

Meet with individual committee members during your first year to discuss research questions and approaches.
Agenda for the first committee meeting:

  • bring a brief presentation or document outlining the research questions that will be addressed by thesis research, and a justification for the proposed work.
  • Be prepared to discuss your preparation to carry out the proposed work. What skills are needed? What skills do you already have? What skills will you need to acquire?
  • Bring a list of courses that will help build your skills to address these questions, and meet PEEC course requirements, and discuss this list with your committee.

Terminal Master's students:

At the beginning of your second year, you must schedule an annual committee meeting with an Advisory Committee of three faculty from at least two departments, including the Major Advisor who will serve as chair. (Membership of the Advisory Committee must be approved by the director of the program.)

By the end of the second year, you must complete 32 hours of course work in your three core areas with grades no lower than B or S. No more than 12 hours of research (590 or 599 courses) can be counted.

Finally, you must successfully complete, defend, and deposit a thesis (599).